Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Introductory Welcome Video

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Welcome to your set of lessons to get and keep your professional edge. Lessons are in a couple of formats - short learning bites (2-4 minutes) or longer (5+ or more minutes).

Please take the time to watch this video.   It contains important information about how to make the most of this unique learning experience.  This welcome video includes an important first lesson.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Category: Personal Effectiveness

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If I could give you 1 piece of professional success advice, it would be this: get the right results and get exceptional results. The irony of results? ...we always get results, they just may not be the ones we want!

So, what results do you want? Do you start each day having those identified? Well...your answer to these questions, along with the learning bites provided below will help you get what you desire.

Remember, each learning bite or theme has enough power to make all the difference. It's all about doing 1 enough to get the outcome.  That's the power of the 1%.

Ways to Increase Your Productivity

The Heart of Time & Priority Management  

The Power of Focus

Jump-start Your Motivation - good tip for procrastination

Effectively Manage Stress -
this also explains the origin of stress

Managing Email is Managing Time
a very important way to look at email

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Category: Management Effectiveness

Reminder: If you're an iPad user - access these lessons via the 1% iPad Tab 

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Management Effectiveness

In the spirit of the 1% Philosophy to follow are some learning bites to get you started.  I'll be adding to this list on a regular basis - so certainly check back. 

All links are password protected and the topics are a compliment to The 1% Edge Workbook, which you received in your group of bonus gifts. I recommend you use it.

Coaching Tip: It only takes the application of 1 tip to make the difference. Apply it long enough to get results!

START HERE: DOWNLOAD - What I Wish Every Manager Knew - this is a great reference that can serve as a summary to the lessons provided.  Use this as a knowledge checklist.

The You Factor
This section is presented under the premise that behind every great team is a great coach. Who you are on the inside will dictate what kind of manager-leader you'll be on the outside.

Learning Segment: Laying the Foundation
(Use a "learning segment" as a mini-course)
This section of lessons is what I call setting the stage.  As a reminder, each lesson is built to be a stand alone as well as build upon one another. Each lesson is built to help in a shift in thinking, build your knowledge base, or give you a how-to in addressing a need. Each has value for the whole of nurturing your management competency. Even if there is a little of over lap, it's all in the spirit in the princples of Adult Learning.

The Management Dilemma - Do You Really Want To Be One?

It All Begins With You - You Are The Messenger

Amatuer vs. Professional - Which One Are You?

The You Factor - Behind Every Great Team is a Great Coach

New Roles For Managers - these are generally not on a job description

Manager as Coach - an active role

Management Success - Be A Coach - a useful perspective

Manager as Developer - 21st Century Management

Cheapest Training Ever - an excellent example of "manager as trainer"

Going Beyond The Job Description
- What's a Competency?

Create Your P.O.P. - lead from your own values

Do You Empower or Enable? - Management Styles

It's Not About You - understanding human behavior

Managing Individuals

Giving feedback

A tip to motivate and build rapport

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