Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guest Blogger Discusses Balance

Is Balance An Important Component to Professional Success?

I am happy to introduce Glen Gaugh as Guest Blogger for the next few weeks on the subject of professional success. He brings a unique view as he is not from a traditional corporate setting.  This post is the introduction.  The rest of his series will be exclusive to The 1% Edge Portable Coach App. As an SME (subject matter expert), Glenn has his own tab on the app.  If you've not downloaded it, you can do so here - for now it's still free. Get app here. If you want to follow the topics in the series on Twitter - you can do so with hashtap #1%EdgeApp.

One final note - many of you who have seen my Twitter profile have commented on my tagline, "let's put the human back in human resource."  Glen's post is a reminder of the human component of the workplace experience.